Explore the space at your own leisure. If you'd like, you can find and land on a specific planet. The bottom line shows the distance to that planet, you probably would need to fly around a bit to find where it is. 

Arrows to move the ship (it changes the shape depending on its speed)

If you get stuck in a planets gravity well, use booster packs with X or SPACEBAR.

To use auto-stabilizers press  Z, but notice that their power is limited and they wouldn't help in a strong gravity field.

You can shoot particles with the left mouse click, but they don't do anything, this is a peaceful game.


space_delivery.exe 246 kB
space_delivery_mac 316 kB
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Awesome result! Loving the spaceship design, very dynamic. Lots of fun to jump from one planet to another! Thanks for streaming the development on twitch too <3